About me

My name is Tony Gee, I am a security consultant and speaker at Pen Test Partners. One of the things I am responsible for is staff security awareness. Helping staff to understand risks they face both at work and at home.

I spend a lot of time on trains and constantly see people with AirDrop turned on. Whilst AirDrop is awesome and I love using it to share stuff quickly with family and friends, it can lead to some pretty awful situations where people send unsolicited images to people.

Capture of BBC news page

I’m pretty sure that is not something anyone wants to receive an unsolicited image of!

So I thought, why does this happen? Could it be because people just forget to turn it off when they set up their iPhone? It’s easy to fix, but my suspicion was the people who have it turned on probably don’t realise it is turned on.

So how do I go about fixing this? The answer was pretty simple, rather than sitting by while losers send inappropriate images, why don’t I send an innocent picture warning the person and giving them a website they can visit to learn how to turn it off.

You can find the picture below, formatted for the AirDrop preview screen, feel free to download it and share it, or of course you can share the website in the same way.

Stop, AirDrop On