Fixing AirDrop settings

So… you got an unsolicited image AirDropped to you?

AirDrop is awesome! But not when people send you images you aren’t expecting or wanting. Sucks doesn’t it! Luckily, this time it wasn’t an offensive image, sadly sometimes you are not so lucky!

So how do you go about fixing it?

Fortunately it is really easy to fix. Just got to Settings on your iPhone and then General and finally AirDrop.

You will have 3 options, yours will be set to “Everyone” meaning anyone can send you unsolicited images & links among other things. Turning “Receiving Off” will stop anyone sending you stuff, alternatively you can use “Contacts Only” to only allow your contacts to send you stuff.

Turn Off AirDrop Video

Now you have fixed it, how can you help?

Feel free to save the below image and send it to others you see with AirDrop on. It’s perfectly formatted to fit the preview screen of AirDrop. Hopefully we can warn them before some awful photo ends up on their phone!

Stop, AirDrop On

Ideally Apple could tweak the settings so that ‘Everyone’ mode was automatically disabled after a short period of time, but until then we can help fix this problem by warning people they are at risk of unsolicited images.

Footer image of AirDrop on